ANY LAB TEST NOW makes it easy for consumers and businesses alike to manage their health by providing direct access to clinical, DNA and toxicology testing services.  ANY LAB TEST NOW partners with many of the major, high-quality laboratories throughout the U.S. to provide affordable and comprehensive lab testing services directly. In today’s health care environment, it is more important than ever for you to be proactive and Take Control of Your Health®.  Call or just walk into one of our three locations in Austin and order any lab test from our thousands of choices, including but not limited to lab testing for:

■Heart Health
■Teen or Employer Drug Testing
■And More

Why choose ANY LAB TEST NOW?

■Affordable, transparent prices
■Convenient, right in your community, where you live, work and shop
■Work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
■Walk in for same day testing
■No wait, in & out in 15 minutes
■Confidential & Anonymous testing
■No Insurance?  No Problem!®  High deductible?  We’re in your budget
■No appointment necessary
■No doctor’s order needed
■Most test results in only 24 – 48 hours
■Buy tests online for a more discreet visit and faster in & out service

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Central Austin (512) 387-8815 – South Austin (512) 387-8292 – Round Rock (512) 387-8299



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